hilong 1comm. night; total darkness. Kaatnay hilong an uggeka nahuyop? How many nights did you not sleep? Adika lumahun hin hilong. Don’t go out at nighttime. Ume da kahilohilong. They go out every night. Sim: hodom, tapol, labi. (sem. domains: - Night, - Dark.) 2intrans. darkness is durative, continually dark. Mihmihdi nah munhihilong ya nah kakaiw an dakol di hapang nan mahdol di tubuna. It stays in dark places or in trees with thick, leafy branches. muN‑/nuN‑. 3intrans. riddle, big man = night. Ongal an tagu, deket immali, nate day tagu. (hilong) When the big man comes the people die. (night) der. hinilong der. munhilhilong der. mungkahilong id. humilong di nomnom id. humilong di pangang-ang na.