on 1lk. this linker connects a complement to a main clause predicate or an adverbial predicate. Kanak pe on no abunay apuy ya kanan gayam ot takon hidiyen lata ya mun-anidu ta. I thought that it is only a fire by which we can acquire heat. Maanlaanak an mundawdaw-en nah bungana on kinkinnan ku. I enjoyed picking and eating the fruit. (sem. domains: - Markers of transition.) 2det. introductory determiner; marks an indefinite, non-specific person or thing; the person or thing referent is contingent on information in context. Wada on tagun immalin manamak ke he-a. There was a man who came looking for you. Kediyen algon pumbungbungan da ya immali on inhinyeron mangiha-ad hi bungbung That day when they blasted the rocks, an engineer came to put dynamite sticks (sem. domains: - Demonstrative pronouns.) comp. deke on