Tuwali Ifugao - English


kad-an (sp. var. kawad-an) comm. near the place where someone or something is located. Hituy kad-an da Berto. This is the place of the Berto family. Ad Makati ke ya hituy kad-an di kakadangyan. In Makati is where the rich people are. Bimmangun da ot umedah kad-an ina da. They got up and went to their mother. (sem. domains: - Vicinity.)
kadikit (der. of dikit) comm. beauty of female; fairness of female. (sem. domains: - Beautiful.)
kadinawwina (der. of dawwi) nom. distance; refers to a measured distance from one place to another. Hay kadinawwinah nah ob-ob ad Patukan ya umeh tuluy kilometro The distance from the spring in Patukan was about 3 kilometers (sem. domains: 8.2.8 - Measure.)
kadukkayan (infl. of dukke) adj. describes the longest thing in a comparison of length. Hiyay nangalah kadukkayan an kawayan. He is the one who got the longest bamboo. ka‑ ‑an. Dimension quantifier. (sem. domains: 8.2.2 - Long.)
kadukke (der. of dukke) nom. a dimension measure; length. Kaatnay kadukke na? What is its length? (sem. domains: 8.2.2 - Long.)
kadwa₁ (der. of duwa) 1comm. companion; chaperone. Hi Juan di kadwa na an umali. Juan will be his companion in coming. Maid di kadwa na hi baleda. He has no companion in their house. Sim: kuyug, ibba. (sem. domains: 4.1 - Relationships.) 2trans. to accompany. Kadwaam hi baleda. Accompany him to their house. Ikadwam nan indat kun pantalon. Include the pants I gave. (lit. use it to accompany another one) ‑an/in‑ ‑an, i‑/iN‑. (sem. domains: 7.2.5 - Accompany.)
kadwa₂ (der. of duwa) quan. the second entity or event in a sequence. Hi kadwan di algo ya humamuy moy bubud. On the second day, the fermenting rice gives out its peculiar smell. (sem. domains: - Yesterday, today, tomorrow.) der. kadwana
kadwana (der. of kadwa) comm. the second day of an event or the second day of the week, Tuesday. [The first day being Monday.] Ahiyak umali hi kadwana. I will come on the second day. Hi bigat di kadwana. Tomorrow is the second day. Syn: Maltis. (sem. domains: 8.4.1 - Period of time.)
kagawidan (der. of gawid) nom. the place where one goes home to; homeplace. Daanay kagawidan yu? Where are you going home to? (sem. domains: 5.9 - Live, stay.)
kaginawwan (der. of gawwa) nom. to be the middle of a time, space or position. Naipromote hi grade four hi kaginawwan di toon. He was promoted to grade four in the middle of the year. (sem. domains: 8.5.5 - Spatial relations.)
kagodwan (der. of godwa) quan. refers to a one-half portion of something. Mu hay ohan botok an gabi ya kagodwan basun danum di mabalin. But as for one bundle of cassava, it can be one-half cup of water (for cooking). (sem. domains: - Fraction.)
kagoko trans. to pull grass from ricefield. Ingkagoko da mo. They are through pulling-grasses. Mungkagoko da nah payo mi. They are pulling-grasses from our ricefield. i‑/iN‑, muN‑/nuN‑. 3B Move and release object. (sem. domains: - Cut grass.)
kagokoh season for weeding ricefields. Sim: Hagophop. (sem. domains: - Season.) comp. ahikagokoh
kagu 1intrans. to be worried; be concerned. Deket tinaynak nadan imbabalek ya kumakkaguwak te kanak di kal-ina ya waday ma-at ke dida. Mu maid di hilbinan eta kumagukagu. Idasal ot ya abun Apu Dios ta hiyay nangamung. Whenever I leave my children I’m always worried that something might happen, but there is no use worrying, it is better to leave it to God. ‑um‑/‑imm‑. 2C Emotion and sensation. Sim: danag. (sem. domains: - Worried.) 2trans. to be worried or concerned about a particular person or thing. Ikaguk an waday maat ke hiya ot iek hi bale da. I am afraid something might happen to him, that is why I brought him to their house. Antipet hiyay ikagum? Kon bokon kat-agu mo? Why are you worried about him? Isn’t he a young man already? i‑/iN‑.
kagungkung comm. nest of hens; often put on top of the lidi rat guard on a native house. Ikapyaam hi kagungkung nadan manuk. Make a nest for the hens. (sem. domains: 6.3.6 - Poultry raising.)
kaha comm. the body of a vehicle. Maphod nan kahan di talak na. The body of his car is beautiful. Sim: adol. (sem. domains: - Vehicle.) Language Of Borrowing: Spanish.
kahabonan di bulan (n. ph. of bulan) comm. the first quarter of the moon (sem. domains: - Moon.)
kaha-alan di bulan (n. ph. of bulan) comm. the last quarter of the moon. (sem. domains: - Moon.)
kahel (sp. var. of kahhel)
kahhel (sp. var. kahel) comm. orange fruit. Malumii nan kahhel te nakaptangan da. The oranges are sweet because they are (growing) directly under the sun. (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)
kah-in (sp. var. kanah-in) advpred. for something to be necessary or required; must. Adik idat tun gattak, kah-in di bayadam. I won’t give you this milk; you must pay for it. Kah-in di waday himpulun mukkol ta ahi mapnu nan saku. Ten more pieces are needed to fill up the sack. Kah-in di he-ay ume ta he-ay e makihummangan ke hiya. You must go so that you’ll be the one to talk to him. Kah-in di idat mun ha-oy ta ahik bayadan. You must give it to me before I will pay it. Modality. (sem. domains: - Necessary.)
kah-o 1comm. rafters of house. Inhaad da mo nadan kah-on di bale. They already placed the rafters of the house. (sem. domains: 6.5.2 - Parts of a building.) 2trans. to place rafters. Kah-owan yu mo nan bale hi bigat. Place the rafters of the house tomorrow. Ikah-o yu nan nalagadin kaiw. Use the sawed wood for rafters. ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an, i‑/iN‑. 5A Changing state of site by adding something. (sem. domains: 6.5 - Working with buildings.)
kah-on comm. a way on which to walk; path. Punpaldangon yu nadan kawayan ta mihaad an kah-on. Place the kawayan in a line to serve as a pathway. Daan di kah-on yu? What way will you take? Sim: kalata, dalan. (sem. domains: - Road.) Language of Borrowing: Central Ifugao.
kahi- mod. this prefix encodes a participatory concept with a neutral or present tense. Kahitatappo day naten dolog. Dead fish were floating everywhere on the surface (on the top). Kal-inadi ya kahibubutik nadan babuy nah dopla ot pun-iyapa da nah baybay ot malting da. (Luke 8:33b) Immediately, the pigs joined together in running to the cliff and they jumped into the lake and drowned. (sem. domains: - Verb affixes.)
kahimmun comm. cucumber. Waday intanom min kahimmun nah habal. We planted cucumber in the swidden plot. Syn: pipino. (sem. domains: - Food from vegetables.)